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ABA learning center for enhancing social, communication, and academic skills in Milan.
ABA for Autism and Disabilities!

AbaMI is a learning center for students aged 2 to 99 for recovery of missing skills. 
AbaMI is a learning center for educators and parents for the acquisition of the skills necessary for the management of maladaptive behaviors.
AbaMI is a a support center for teachers and educators to help identify the best teaching strategies for each individual student. 
AbaMI uses individualized teaching programs based on the science and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 
Fabrizia Torazzi, M.S., BCBA and the Tice Center are united to bring evidence-based educational excellence in Milan.

Our professionals  they intervene with the ABA programs for the acquisition and strengthening of school skills.

Daily ABA interventions for the acquisition and enhancement of language, social and personal skills and the reduction of stigmatized behaviors

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