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Individual programs for every neededucational and qualifying

AbaMI is the gym where every student recovers missing skills. AbaMI identifies and collaborates with the resources and the potential available to build together a significant improvementof the abilities of the student and his/her family.

AbaMi is a gym for learning. AbaMI offers educational services to help students of all ages and school levels, providing didactic support in carrying out their homework in the afternoon. We teach kids to use school material, manage time, schedule deadlines, organize study sessions and breaks, to be effective and efficient in carrying out homework, thus promoting autonomy.

Daily gym with ABA interventions to learn how to relate to peers in harmony while having fun and to learn new skills while on vacation.


While in Italy we have been talking about autism for a few years, in the United States the treatments based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are a reality consolidated by decades of studies and progress. 


The AbaMI gym offers a controlled environment and individualized programs where the child learns and improves social, communication and personal care skills. 

Too frequently difficulties that need specific recognition are mistaken for lack of motivation to study, carelessness, family dispositions (even my father didn't study as a boy) and individual ones (he doesn't commit himself, he's listless).

The consequence is that school failure and dropouts are on the increase.

AbaMi identifies specific needs and proposes individualized courses to achieve the student's scholastic objectives.


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